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Central Air vs. Ductless: BEST Heating System for My Home?

It's mid-Fall and temperatures are beginning their overall decline into the freezing temperatures. Early mornings call for turning the heater on after their summertime hiatus, which some of us may find ourselves in the spot of considering a new heating system.

Whether you're looking to replace your furnace or boiler or potentially switch to ductless, we're here to help make your decision a bit easier.


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Indoor Air Quality & COVID-19: Options for Your Home


For this Homeowner's Guide post, we've got a full video presentation of Indoor Air-Quality appliances for homes and their effectiveness with the COVID-19 pandemic that is present at the time of writing.

One of Service Stars' founders, Kyle Johnson, takes us through the handful of options available in the market for homeowners!


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What's the RIGHT Water Heater for My Home?


Gas or Oil? Tankless or Indirect? What about Electric?

As summer comes to a close and the chilly weather of fall and winter starts to roll in, the heating systems in our homes get to stretch their legs and start running to keep us and our families warm.

It's not just the air in our home that we want warm; our hot water is important too! In this post, we'll go over water heater options for your home and...

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Should I Fix It or Replace It? - Toilets

The Throne. The Can. The Porcelain God.

Whatever funny name you might call it, toilets have rightfully earned their title and place in everyone's home. I mean, it's proper hygiene after all. Whether you've just got a brand new home with a brand new "Oval Office" or have had the same one for decades, a home isn't a home without a toilet.

As we mentioned in our last blog post, not all home systems last...

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The Top 5 Things EVERY Homeowner Should Know!

We can all agree: homeownership is a huge responsibility. Whether you live by yourself, with a spouse, or an entire family, owning your own place comes with its share of upkeep. There's plenty of things that you have to keep on top of when maintaining your home, so we wanted to help by letting you know our top 5 things we think EVERY homeowner should know. And we mean EVERY homeowner; no exceptions.


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Welcome to the our blog!

text post updates Sep 09, 2020

As we look to bring more value to our audience, we're aiming to update this blog at least once a week with valuable information that homeowners would be able to use.

We'll be naming this blog The Homeowner's Guide. Our posts will consist of brand comparisons, helpful homeowner tips, and some of the crazy experiences that our technicians find themselves in the field!

Stay tuned!

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